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Recently a California company, Golden Bay Investment Ltd, has requested the Long Beach Plan- ning and Development Commis- sion consider an application for a Special Use Permit. Golden Bay is asking that the Board of Alder- men grant the right to locate an RV park on an approximately eleven acre parcel bounded by Marcie and Markham Streets and facing PRST STD U.S. POSTAGE PAID LONG BEACH, MS PERMIT NO. 60 Long Beach Breeze P.O. Box 144, Long Beach, MS 39560 April 20, 2018 • Volume 2, Number 4 • “Good News You Can Use” By Fred Weller Groundbreaking for Friendship Oak Village Contractor Lee Parrish, rep- resenting Encompass, a Louis- ville, Kentucky, contractor and real estate developer, will have the $4.6 million conversion of the Triton building on Railroad Street ready for University of South Mississippi students by August 15. The Friendship Oak Village dormitory is not associated with USM other than by proximity to the Gulf Park campus. The building is located on the North side of Railroad Street across from the USM campus. The Vil- lage will provide amenities stu- dents can use while studying and relaxing, including wi-fi, cable tv, a gated swimming pool, out- door grill, basketball court, laun- dry and controlled parking. The building will have capacity for 122 students in two different room sizes and accommodate Photo by Fred Weller Special to Long Beach Breeze two students per room with addi- tional study lounges. John Stewart, president of Encompass Develop, Design & Construct, commented: “This project will benefit the City of Long Beach with the addition Mayor George Bass with City and Encompass dignitaries break ground on Friend- ship Oak Village Highway 90. The property is cur- rently zoned R-1 or Single-Family Residence. One of the means to address changes in zoning regulations is a “Special Use Permit” and requires conformity to all ordinances, codes and regulations, only the “use” of the property is changed. An exam- ple would be converting a skating rink, located in a residential area, into a church. The first step of the process is to file an application and submit it to the City Clerk, who places it on the Commission’s meeting agenda for discussion. Regular meetings are held every second and fourth Thursdays in the City Hall Meet- ing Room, 201 Jeff Davis at 5:30 p.m. The Commission held a public hearing on March 22, to allow the Golden Bay representatives and public proponents to present their viewpoints. This was followed by public opponents, holding con- trary opinions, who voiced their positions. The next period was a rebuttal from the company’s legal and business team before the Commission began discussion of the issues. Golden Bay stated it has devel- oped a plan to increase the tax and sales revenue to the city on prop- erty undeveloped since Hurricane Katrina. The opponents identified Aldermen consider special use permit for RV park *SEE AD ON BACK PAGE FOR OPENING DATES Offering home decor from vendors in a bright, exciting new way! VINTAGE FLAMINGO of over 100 new temporary resi- dents in town each year. As one faculty member said to me on Saturday, “This is a game chang- er for this campus.” Stewart continued, “Encom- pass, because of our experience, local presence, licenses and trust of the facility owner, was asked to partner and play the key role in the development of this proj- ect as Asset Manager. Through the process and the community’s excitement around the project, we made the decision to take up an even more permanent local role as the Operator through Encompass Housing, LLC. I am personally truly excited to have been invited to become part of the community and the great peo- ple of the Gulf Coast. We hope to see many successful students come to love this place and tell great stories of the memories at Friendship Oak Village and their time in Long Beach at the Uni- versity of Southern Mississippi’s Gulf Park Campus.” Encompass Housing will begin taking applications in May. Students interested in applying can request information now at www.friendshipoak.com. cont. on page 2