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The last time Long Beach voted on funds for a new high school was April 2005. The effort failed by thirty votes, and then came Hurricane Katrina. Recovery from storm damages and loss of student population made funding a new high school a moot point until this year. School officials say increasing maintenance costs and safety concerns with the current Long Beach High School’s aged infra- structure, which has forty-seven PRST STD U.S. POSTAGE PAID LONG BEACH, MS PERMIT NO. 60 Long Beach Breeze P.O. Box 144, Long Beach, MS 39560 May 21, 2018 • Volume 2, Number 5 • “Good News You Can Use” By Fred Weller Overlay, special use development tools The Mayor and Board of Alder- men (MBOA) have elected to permit an RV park in an area zoned as R-1, Single Family Residence. The approximate- ly 11 acres between Marcie and Markham and facing Highway 90 is undeveloped. The owner, California-based Golden Bay Investment Ltd., was awarded the “Special Use” status by the MBOA to begin development of vacant property, where the zon- ing would not allow. The Planning and Development Commission (P & D), an enti- ty of appointed volunteers with power to recommend actions to the MBOA, has recently been investigating the use of “Over- lay” as a development tool. Over- lays have been used in Santa Fe, New Mexico to preserve historic buildings and a specific cultur- al and architectural ambiance. Photo by Fred Weller By Fred Weller Water retention to avoid flood- ing and erosion downstream is accomplished in Wisconsin by Overlay. Environmentally sen- sitive natural resources have been protected when Overlays Part of the Attendees entrances and an increased stu- dent population, necessitate the existing multi-building campus be consolidated and modernized. In March of this year, the Long Beach School District (LBSD) Board President Tim Pierce asked LBSD Superintendent Jay Smith to update the Board on school safety and options available to the LBSD for funding to build and update their facilities. Smith reported he invited Jim Young, Jr. with the Young Law Group to discuss the options. The enumerated possibilities include a three-mil note, capital lease and bond issue. Young distributed materials, and Pierce requested Young send additional informa- tion, to be reviewed and discussed in a work session the following week. On April 3, Pierce recognized Taylor Guild (Eley Guild Hardy Architects) and Warren Greenlee (Young Law Group), who were in attendance. Board members are collecting data regarding updat- ing district campuses for safety, with urgent emphasis on the high school campus. Board members requested that Guild and Green- lee or Young provide additional information in future meetings. On April 10, permission was granted to authorize Guild to begin meeting with Long Beach High School administration regarding facility needs. Since the LBSD does not have sufficient cash on hand to finance the construction, the State Bond Commission authorizes an elec- tion be held to allow residents to determine if a tax can be levied to pay for the bonds. Proponents of Long Beach Schools consider a new high school are implemented. Urban parking was developed by use of Over- lay with sharing of parking lots. Overlays have benefits, but res- idents of Long Beach say they want to know what it means to them. An estimated 60 peo- ple attended the Planning and Development Commission open hearing to find out firsthand. Chairman Frank Olaivar intro- duced the Commission members and the Consultant, Bill Hes- sell. The Commission has been tasked by the MBOA to find tools and mechanisms to allow the development of undeveloped properties. Hessell described the conditions and processes required of devel- opers before obtaining a permit to proceed. The text of the Over- lay conditions were discussed, but Hessell announced the map of the affected area would not be presented until another pub- lic hearing and after the map had been approved by Commis- sion vote. Hessell’s interaction with the attendees led to Chair- man Olaivar opening the floor to speakers for three minutes each cont. on page 3 *Look on Page 2 for coupon! cont. on page 9