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PRST STD U.S. POSTAGE PAID LONG BEACH, MS PERMIT NO. 60 Long Beach Breeze P.O. Box 144, Long Beach, MS 39560 June 20, 2019 • Volume 3, Number 6 • “Good News You Can Use” Prepare now as 2019 hurricane season begins Long Beach residents are being urged to prepare now for Hurri- cane season, which began June 1. The first step in preparing for the six-month season is to devel- op a preparedness plan or revisit your current hurricane plan. Harrison County Emergency Management encourages resi- dents to have a hurricane plan for themselves and their loved ones. Business owners should also have a hurricane plan for their establishment and employees. For those who have a hurricane plan in place, now’s the time to By Rob Sigler revisit it. Discuss your plan with your loved ones to see what’s changed from last season to the 2019 hurricane season. Address ques- tions such as how you will receive emergency alerts and warnings, what is your shelter plan, how will you evacuate and how will you communicate as a family? While revisiting your plan, con- centrate on the things that may have changed such as the ages of your family mem- bers, your family’s medical needs and the acquisition of pets. Along with your hurricane plan, New Long Beach High makes progress this year Long Beach High School sup- porters say they are excited about the steady progress on a new school in their hometown. It’s a case of progress staying on track since voters passed a $20 million bond issue in August 2018. Demolition of D, E and F Halls was expected to begin in mid-June. For patrons at the Long Beach Library to customers at the city’s businesses, construction on the new Long Beach High is wel- come news, but also bittersweet for alumni. The construction of the new Long Beach High will replace an aging facility built in 1958. There are more than 1,000 students By Andy Kanengiser Special to Long Beach Breeze cont. on page 4 enrolled at the current building constructed 61 years ago. The district enrolls more than 3,000 students or back to pre-Hurricane Katrina levels. Starting demolition in June makes good sense. It may get a little noisy at times, but the work begins when students are away for summer vacation. It will be better to minimize any disruptions for teachers and staff, observers say. “As we say goodbye to a struc- ture of Long Beach history, where many Bearcats have walked these halls and have fond memories, the new state of the art educa- tional platform being developed will give the next generation of Bearcats the best opportunity to conquer their future success,” the An architect’s rendering of the new Long Beach High School you should also have a hurricane kit that includes non-perishable food items, water, batteries, medical supplies and critical documents. You should also gas up vehicles and have a enough cash on hand for several days. The Long Beach Harbor empha- sizes those with boats to make sure their craft is sea-worthy and information is up to date, as well as reminds boaters docked in the harbor they must evacuate in the event of a mandatory evacuation. You can go to fema.gov to find forms to fill out so that your revised plan is easily accessible. Remember, now’s the time to revisit your hurricane plan. Special to Long Beach Breeze