Long Beach Breeze

July 20, 2019 12 BSA Troop 321 from Long Beach completes 50-mile hike on the Appalachian Trail. Pictured are the hikers and their logistical support group. On top row from left to right: Tommy Carroll, Scoutmaster, Chase Cockrell, Jake Smagur, Hayden Sonnier, Tristyn Capps. Middle row: Jamie Carroll, Committee Member, Addison Carroll, Justin Elliot, Austin Reeves, Doug Capps, Committee Chair, Colin Christensen. Bottom row: Ephraim Mills, Wordie Carroll, Assistant Scoutmaster, Marcia Rogers, Committee Mem- ber. Not pictured: Donnie Carroll, Adult Leader. C M Y CM MY CY CMY K HC_LongBeachBreeze_JulyAd-PRESS.pdf 1 7/17/19 2:36 PM Special to Long Beach Breeze Boy Scouts of America Troop 321 from Long Beach complet- ed a 50-mile hike on the Appala- chian Trail in Georgia. The troop worked hard at preparing to go hiking in the Appalachian Moun- tains by taking hikes closer to home. Local hikes in Mississippi have included hikes on the Tux- achanie Trail, Little Black Creek Trail and the Richardson Creek Trail in the Homochitto National Forest. According to Troop 321 Scout- master Tommy Carroll, different techniques needed for such a tough hike have been developed over time, such as inclement weather hiking on the Vicksburg National Battlefield Trail and Base Camp/ Outpost Camping at the Clear Springs Campground. Techniques and gear needed for the trek have been developed over the last sev- en months of the troop’s exis- tence, such as backpacking meal preparation and water filtration for getting water while hiking on the trail. “One of the biggest lessons learned and still being learned by both the scouts and their leaders is learning what not to bring in order to keep down weight in the pack,” Carroll said. “Each day on the trail brought new surprises from grand vistas to tunnels through what looked like tropical foliage.” Carroll said one day the troop encountered a black bear on the Troop 321 completes hike on the Appalachian Trail Special to Long Beach Breeze trail that started with a stand- off before he kindly got up and walked away without incident. On another day, the troop hiked down the face of Amicalola Falls, the largest cascading waterfall east of the Mississippi. On yet another day the troop was hiking up steep stairs of logs and rocks and stones hewn out of the moun- tain, hiking down a trail two-feet wide with a rock wall on one side and a steep cliff on the other to reach a summit with a grand vista over-looking the countryside. In all, the scouts, ranging in age from 10 to 15 have accomplished an incredible feat and matured along the way, according to Car- roll.