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Board meets April 7, designates April as Child Abuse Prevention Month

By Dom Fimiano

Child Abuse Prevention Month

In the April 7 meeting of the Long Beach Board of Alderman, Mayor George Bass and the Board of Alderman presented representatives from Canopy Children’s Solutions of South Mississippi with a certificate honoring their work and designating the month of April as Child Abuse Prevention Month.

Canopy, which has been serving Mississippi families and children for over one hundred years, began as an adoption agency in 1912 and now provides Mississippi’s children with educational, behavioral health and social service solutions, assisting them though extraordinarily difficult situations. Bass applauded Canopy for assisting more than 2,000 children since January 2020 in South Mississippi.

Unfinished business by the Board addressed property clean up fees and two properties requiring owners to clean up their properties. City attorney James Simpson advised the Board to accept approximately $79,500 from MEMA or risk losing the funds due to delays by MEMA. The Board of Alderman approved acceptance of the funds. Attorney Simpson says he plans to continue working with MEMA to have approximately another $9,000 returned to the City.

The Sparklight franchise agreement was approved by the Board.

The Board chose to not vote on the request to rezone the Daughtery Road property location of the temporary St. Thomas Church and elementary school after Hurricane Katrina.

New business approved includes the Pink Heart Fund Ribbon 5K Walk on May 22 beginning in the Town Green, funding for Cruisin’ the Coast, banner placement for the First Baptist Church Spring Festival, and ratifying the Beatline Parkway funding.

The Long Beach police department has one new hire and received approval to retire a K-9 and purchase another K-9.

The fire department has one promotion.

Can’t Be Beat Fence Company was awarded the bid for the Long Beach cemetery fence work totaling $18,950. Funding was also approved for purchasing new work trailers.

The next meeting of the Mayor and Board of Aldermen will be Tuesday, April 20, at 5 p.m.

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