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CES robotics team brings home first place win

The Coast Episcopal School Robo-Raiders, seven energetic, enthusiastic and engaged sixth-graders from the seventy-year-old independent school in Long Beach, brought home a first place win in Core Values at the state-wide FIRST ® Lego® League Competition held in Pearl, Mississippi, earlier this month. One of twenty-one teams from around Mississippi participating in the competition, the Robo-Raiders placed seventh overall in the robotics competition, after completing three hard-fought rounds.

Pleased with the school’s recognition over the weekend, CES Makerspace’s Will Ashley is particularly proud of his team’s first place Core Values’ recognition, an award given to the team that “displays extraordinary enthusiasm and spirit, knows they can accomplish more together than they could as individuals, and shows each other and other teams respect at all times.”

The theme for this year’s competition was ‘‘Cargo Connect,” with teams re-imagining the global transportation system and exploring ways of improving how desired goods are accessed and delivered, making all communities more connected.

The opportunity to compete at the state level follows Coast Episcopal School’s success in the regional qualifier, held as a virtual event two weeks prior to the state meet. Coast Episcopal School entered two of the eight teams that participated in the regional event: the Robo-Raiders Team (comprised of sixth graders) and the Silly Seven Team (comprised of fifth and sixth graders). Both teams’ robots were judged on four aspects: a Robot Game, in which each team has two five-minute attempts to solve as many missions as possible; an innovation project, for which each team researched a topic and developed an innovative solution; Core Values, in which each team is judged on its representation of FIRST ® Lego® League Core Values of discovery, impact, innovation, inclusion, teamwork and fun; and robot design, which includes the team’s code, design of the robot and overall game plan on how to “attack” the Robot Game.

At the regional qualifier, CES’ Robo-Raiders were awarded the "Robot Design Award," where, according to the judges, the team “used outstanding programming principles and solid engineering practices to develop a robot that is mechanically sound, durable, efficient and highly capable of performing challenge missions."

Coast Episcopal School’s three-year participation in FIRST ® Lego® League is overseen and directed by Will Ashley, Director of CES’ Seemann’s Makerspace.

“FIRST ® Lego® League is a wonderful organization that helps students become more interested in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) by mixing robotics with real-world problems. Additionally, the competition provides the students with important life skills such as public speaking, collaboration, and how to deal with setbacks, all of which correlates well with the mission of our makerspace. Over the course of the season, our students have learned how to program a robot to solve complex missions, and they dove into the yearly theme, which led them to better understand problems that exist in our world and encouraged them to find innovative solutions. First Lego League provides a safe place for students to learn without consequence and reinforces the concept that a failure or setback is simply the next learning opportunity.”

Ashley also praised Robotics Team Co-Coach Emily Anne Pertuit for her expertise that helped guide the CES Teams to their successes.

Students representing Coast Episcopal School on the Robo-Raiders Team included Mary Swinton Harris, Amelia Edrington, Charlotte Nobile, Henrietta Doxey, Addie Wilson, Grace Johnson and Valentina Mossy.

Students representing Coast Episcopal School on the Silly Seven Team included MC

Wingfield, Grey Wood, Piper Miller, Estelle Scenver, Lexi Lambert, London Ulmer and Parker Pace.

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