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Community walking trail to be enhanced by local Eagle Scout

By Lindy Sholes

Walking Trail

When Long Beach resident Caleb Solangi noticed that the community walking trail did not have a wooden trail guide, he knew exactly what to do for an upcoming Eagle Scout project.

“Every professional trail I’ve seen has one of those, and, after I had been on this trail, I wanted to improve it so it will look more professional,” Solangi said.

Solangi, a tenth grader at Long Beach High School, presented his plan to the Long Beach Board of Aldermen last month, who enthusiastically approved. He will be spearheading the effort, starting with the fundraising. He anticipates that the project will cost around $770, and he hopes to raise the funds at a spaghetti sale hosted by the Eagle Scouts Troop.

Solangi encourages those who want to contribute to his efforts to pick up a plate at First United Methodist Church of Long Beach on March 14, starting at 11.

“I’ve been in Scouts ever since I was five, and I’ve learned so much,” Solangi said. “Some of the Scouts are young, and I can show them what a good leader looks like, and they can use that on other Scouts.”

Solangi hopes that a local woodworker will be willing to help with the project. To volunteer for the project to improve the Long Beach Walking Trail, contact the Eagle Scouts Troop at smtroop205@gmail.com.

Solangi designed the marker to look like those commonly seen to map out and provide information for using the trail. As soon as funds are raised, work will begin on the project.

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