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Golden Crayon Awards was given to Triplett, Adcock

The Long Beach School District recently awarded its Golden Crayon Award to Kenny Triplett, a member of the LBSD Technology Department, and Hope Adcock, a third-grade teacher at Thomas L. Reeves Elementary School.

In the announcement of his award, LBSD officials said that “Kenny works tirelessly to accommodate requests through the district. He both live-streams and records and edits countless programs, award ceremonies, athletics, and special events to stream for families and community members to view. Most of these activities take place in the evening and weekends.”

Triplett also mentors students who are interested in pursuing his field, produces signs for activities and administrative needs, and is “always available for everyone in the district.”

“He always goes above and beyond to make sure Long Beach looks good in pictures, videos, websites, and social media.”

Adcock, who was nominated by a student’s parent, was praised “because she has been a great support system for my son and me. My son has been going through a very hard time emotionally. Mrs. Adcock has taken the extra time to talk to him and encourage him by helping him with his mindset and self-confidence. She has been a great support for me, since my husband is on deployment, and I needed that extra help and support to help me guide my son.”

In the nomination information, the parent said Adcock “has been a great support in helping me when I have run out of ideas on how to best handle the situation. She has been taking extra time to help him with math. I know and understand that running a classroom with many children can be hard and stressful at times; however, she finds the love, compassion, patience, and time to care for the students that most need her at this time. I could never repay her kind heart.”

The Golden Crayon Award is given periodically to an individual or group of people in the LBSD who have gone “above and beyond” for the district – someone or a group who has stood out among the other “crayons” and made the collective picture a little bit brighter.

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