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Long Beach Schools Announce USDA Extension of Free Student Meals

Your favorite school meals are free now through December 31, 2020. 

“We are pleased to inform parents and students that the USDA extended a program to allow meals to be served at no cost to all students in the Long Beach School District (LBSD) to minimize the challenges of meal service during a pandemic,” said School Nutrition Director Deedee Hurt.

LBSD Cafeterias, catered by our new partner Chartwells, are serving meals daily to students on campus and twice a week to those who are off campus through the newly established Bearcat Meals on the Go service.

“We want parents and students to know that our cafeterias are still open and practicing extra cleaning and safety measures to help ensure our students and staff receive flavorful meals in a safe environment,” Hurt said.

On campus students receive hot meals during breakfast and lunch. The off-campus meals will be delivered on buses and are included in the USDA free-meal extension. These are available for distance learners. Monday deliveries include breakfast and lunch for two days and Wednesday deliveries include breakfast and lunch for three days.

Any LBSD students who would like to sign up for the Bearcat Meals on the Go program need to contact the office of School Nutrition at 228-864-1337 to make a reservation. 

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