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Mississippi State Fire Academy (MSFA) Instructor Chief Shannon Sandridge demonstrates in the attached video the dangers of frying a turkey that is not fully thawed, with too much oil, at a temperature that was too high.

Instructor Chief Sandridge demonstrates the three most common mishaps when it comes to operating an outdoor turkey fryer. At the 1:10 minute mark, you see what happens when you:

  1. Overfill the pot with too much oil

  2. Overheat or not monitor the temperature of the oil

  3. Use a frozen turkey

Thanksgiving is the peak day for home cooking fires, according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). “There have been 3 fire deaths because of unattended cooking so far in 2022,” said Insurance Commissioner & State Fire Marshal Mike Chaney. “Let’s keep that number from going up over the few days. A staggering number of kitchen fires start every year on Thanksgiving, due to improper frying of turkeys – all of which could be easily avoided.”

Make your home safer by installing multiple smoke alarms. If you need smoke alarms, ask your local fire department.

Other tips from Instructor Chief Sandridge:

  • Operate on a hard flat surface

  • Keep children and pets away

  • Completely thaw and pat dry turkey

  • Protect your hand and slowly lower in the oil

  • Keep the oil at 375 Degrees Fahrenheit

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