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Mississippians have new option for behavioral health care without leaving home

FRANKLIN, TN (April 10, 2020) – In a time where routine pressures are even more magnified by the COVID-19 pandemic, Mississippians now have a new option for behavioral health care without having to leave their home.

Fast Pace Health, which operates 25 clinics throughout the state, this week expanded their behavioral health services to Mississippi residents. Patients anywhere in the state can access the service through their phone or tablet to schedule a face-to-face virtual visit for treatment of a variety of issues, including depression, anxiety, ADHD and PTSD.

“We’re so excited to bring behavioral health services to Mississippi, especially right now when people have a real need for services they can access from home,” said Nikita Duke, DNP, Director of Behavioral Health for Fast Pace. “It’s a stressful time for everyone, but for those needing behavioral health services, it is especially difficult when the advice we often provide – spend time with your loved ones, spend time engaging in activities – goes against the social distancing guidelines that are also needed right now.” 

Fast Pace CEO Greg Steil  pointed out with rapidly increasing acceptance of the telehealth platform, Fast Pace has been delivering behavioral health services in Kentucky and Tennessee for almost two years. The company recently began offering medical telehealth visits to new and established patients who live in the four states served by Fast Pace: Mississippi, Kentucky, Tennessee and Louisiana. He added that clinic locations remain open and registration processes have been changed to enable patients to follow social distancing guidelines. 

“What makes Fast Pace different for both medical and behavioral health needs is that you’re not going to be talking to an anonymous person who you may never connect with again,” said Steil. “You will be talking to someone from our family of providers who partner together to deliver integrated care to the people in their communities.” 

The number of insurance companies who cover telehealth services is expanding rapidly in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Steil said, noting coverage was recently approved for Medicare patients. Fast Pace is working with major insurance companies in Mississippi and anticipates being added to networks soon.  Currently, the service is offered at an affordable self-pay rate, he said.

If patients are interested in scheduling an appointment for Fast Pace behavioral health services, they can call 855-560-4999, Option 2, or visit fastpacehealth.com and click on the Behavioral Health link.

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