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Motorists welcome second round of paved roads

Motorists in Long Beach are enjoying a second wave of paved roads.

The road work happened on Long Beach streets the first week of August. The new projects cost $49,353.

The money was a small chunk of $1 million from the Mississippi Legislature for Long Beach road paving projects this year.

State Rep. Richard Bennett helped attract the road paving funds to his hometown, said Jenny Levens, community affairs director for the City of Long Beach.

While motorists would love to see every street in the city paved, it’s just not possible, City officials say. There’s only so much taxpayer money to go around.

In early August, road crews worked in the Wisteria Drive area to pave the following streets: Shady, Shore, Bayou and Woodlawn. Workers spent August 6-7 paving North Burke Street.

Asked if more road paving projects are on the way later this year, City officials aren’t confident it will happen.

“I believe it is nearing the end,” Levens said.

From Mayor George L. Bass to customers at the Bankhouse Coffee Shop on Jeff Davis Avenue, many people in Long Beach say they are delighted to see road improvements in 2020.

The series of road projects earlier this year wrapped up in June with work to repave the Long Beach High parking lot. That job helped curb longstanding water drainage issues at the school at 300 East Old Pass Road.

By Andy Kanengiser

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