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New City attorney approved, ordinances adopted

Approvals were the primary course of action in recent Board of Aldermen meetings. The Long Beach Board of Aldermen approved an application for a grant from the Natural Resources Conservation Service for Emergency Watershed Protection Assistance to restore damages sustained by extreme rainfall on January 11, 2020, as well as a grant and agreement award from the Natural Resources Conservation Service for the Watershed Detention Retention Project under Watershed Flood Prevention Operations. The grant will be used to fund the planning of the project, and if approved, the agreement will be amended to include construction at an amount to be determined.

Aldermen also approved a memorandum of understanding to receive a project work order number from the Mississippi Department of Transportation for the Beatline Parkway Environmental study. This is one step in the process of going forward with this project. The environmental study makes the project eligible to receive a federal bill grant, which is currently under review.

In addition, the Board approved an ordinance adopting new code, as well as a revision to the Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance, the purpose of which is “to promote the public health, safety, and general welfare and to minimize public and private losses due to flood conditions in specific areas.” The City attorney has compiled ordinances in a code book that can be accessed online at CityOfLongBeachMS.com.

The aldermen unanimously approved a Mississippi Library Commission State Aid Grant Agreement for health and life insurance and also accepted a CARES Act Funds grant from the Mississippi Library Commission to provide COVID-19 supplies to the Long Beach Public Library.

They also approved removal of a magnolia tree at 19121 Pineville Road to improve drainage issues, as well as the appointment of Stephen B. Simpson as City attorney. The current City attorney, James C. Simpson (Stephen’s brother), will remain as counsel to the City. Mayor Bass joked that the City now gets “two Simpsons for the price of one.”

A motion was approved for the har- bormaster to present a plan to update the Long Beach harbor in phases. Plans discussed include the straightening of the jetty on the west end to allow more space for boat slips and to create a southwestern entrance to the harbor.

A resolution was accepted for a full and final settlement of all remaining claims against BP and others resulting from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Aldermen recognized the retirement of Long Beach police officer Craig DeRoche, who suffered a stroke while on duty last year and was unable to return to work. Deroche has served the city of Long Beach since 2001.

The Board unanimously approved a contract with Overstreet & Associates for the Trautman Drainage Basin Wastewater Improvements project contingent upon MDEQ approval. The project will “provide a new pump station near the intersection of Klondyke Road and Railroad Street, along with a new force main discharging at the Nicholson Avenue pump station. This project is intended to alleviate sewer discharges which make their way into the Trautman Drainage Basin and eventually flow into the MS Sound.” Work is expected to begin on this project soon. Overstreet and Associates were also approved to perform a survey of South Mitchell Road for widening purposes. The August 5 meeting was adjourned in memory of Bernadette Levens Tolson and Martha Nell Maxwell Hart.

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