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New stop signs installed on South Lang and Magnolia

By Dom Fimiano

stop sign

Stop signs have been added to create a three-way intersection on South Lang Avenue at Magnolia Street.

Concerned residents had approached the City requesting stop sign installation at Magnolia Street to deter reckless or speeding drivers on South Lang. City officials agreed, with the goal being to slow traffic between Beach Boulevard and West Railroad, making the street safer for everyone. South Lang Avenue is the last street intersecting Magnolia connecting West Railroad and Beach Boulevard to receive stop signs.

Resident Andy White said they are looking forward to the unveiling of the new stop signs. The City has the signs covered for a brief period to give drivers notice that new stop signs will soon be in effect. The City also installed north- and south-bound signs informing drivers they are approaching new stop signs.

When residents request stop signs, the Board of Alderman discusses if installing a stop is beneficial and requests the opinion of the police chief. If necessary, the Board of Alderman will order a traffic study to determine if a stop sign should be installed. To possibly help avoid performing traffic studies, it is recommended that residents promptly notify authorities when speeding and reckless driving occur.

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