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Open Water Safety Checklist

Tips for Families When Visiting Oceans, Lakes and Rivers

Watch kids when they are in or around water, without being distracted. Keep young children and weak swimmers within arm’s reach of an adult. Make sure older children swim with a partner every time.

Choose a Water Watcher. When there are several adults present, choose one to be responsible for watching children in or near the water for a certain period of time, such as 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, select another adult to be the Water Watcher.

Teach children how to swim. Every child is different, so enroll children in swim lessons when they are ready – consider their age, development and how often they are around water.

Make sure kids learn water survival skills. Children should be able to do these five things:

  1. Step or jump into water over their head and return to the surface.

  2. Turn around in the water and orient to safety.

  3. Float or tread water.

  4. Combine breathing with forward movement in the water.

  5. Exit the water.

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