• Long Beach Breeze



Paramedics at American Medical Response (AMR) have issued advice to prevent falls and getting hit by vehicles when walking in slippery conditions:

· Wear shoes or boots that fit well and have good non-slip tread.

· Watch the path ahead.

· Bend your knees a little and slow down.

· Wear gloves or mittens so you don’t have to put your hands in your pockets. If your hands are out of your pockets, you can use your arms to balance yourself and, if needed, to soften a fall.

· Hold onto railings and stable objects, particularly when going up or down stairs.

· If at all possible, don’t step out on stairs or steps before clearing them of ice.

· Don’t carry more than you can handle easily. Heavy loads can impair your balance.

· If you must walk in the road, walk facing the traffic and walk close to the curb.

· Wear bright clothing so drivers can easily see you.

· Ice can prevent cars from stopping at stop signs and traffic lights. Before stepping into the street, make sure all approaching vehicles have in fact stopped.

· Ear muffs, hats and scarves can make it hard to hear nearby vehicles. Stay warm AND alert.

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