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Sewage infrastructure questions answered by City

Long Beach residents have questions - leaders with the City of Long Beach have answers. The ongoing series and partnership between the Long Beach Breeze and the City of Long Beach continues, and each month’s print edition of Long Beach Breeze will include three questions about the city’s ongoing, multimillion dollar sewer improvement and infrastructure project.

Long Beach’s hometown paper will present readers’ questions and get the answers residents are looking for, as Long Beach Breeze reporter Toni Miles will sit down each month with Community Affairs Director for the City of Long Beach Jenny Levens to provide “news you can use” in regards to the project, continuing the direct link between local businesses, residents and City leaders.

Each month, readers can watch these questions and others be answered in the full interview with Levens, available at: The Long Beach Breeze website.

To submit a question about the project, visit LongBeachBreeze.com and fill out the question submission form.

Q: As work on the City’s infrastructure continues, is it possible to put enough rock in patched areas to provide safe passage for our vehicles?

A: Contactors put the right amount of limestone and gravel in the areas of work. The gravel does settle, and then a temporary patch is made. The HCUA project is not finished and does not have the final pavement. We understand the patches cause slowdowns for traffic. This project has been a huge undertaking, and we are in the final stretch. Once all the pipe is in place and in service, the old pipe will be shut off and the final pavement will be done. We thank you for your patience, and understand – it is worth it!

Q: Other than fixing the ailing sewer pipes, does this project offer any other benefits to Long Beach residents and businesses?

A: We had an aging sewer pipe that would have breaks often. With the new pipe, the City will not have to pay $300,000 to $600,000 in emergency repairs with taxpayer's monies.

Q: When the streets are dug up and graveled, they are not clearly marked ahead of the construction area, which is dangerous for motorcycles and others, who are (too late) caught unaware of the ruts and gravel. Currently, there are only white/orange cones set to the side of the area only. Why is signage not being placed in advance of the change of surfaces?

A: The contractors have signs all over the project area. If there is an area without a sign, we suggest reaching out to the contractor at this email address: lbinfo@jlb-co.com.

Looking ahead from Jenny Levens,

Long Beach Community Affairs Director:

“We are anticipating the laying of the sewer pipe to be done in June. After all the pipe is laid, they will get the new sewer pipe in service. Contractors will then fill the old sewer line and cap it off.” “Once all that is completed, streets will be paved in the project area.” “The project is expected to go on into late August and possibly September – this, of course, is without any unforeseen issues and weather.”

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