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Sewage infrastructure work continues, questions welcomed

Sewage infrastructure work continues, questions welcomed

How is progress in the area of Beatline Road from Johnson Road to Pineville Road coming along? Is there an estimated time frame for completion of this leg of the project when drivers will no longer have to use the detour through Long Beach Industrial Park?

The contractors have encountered some unforeseen items under the road. They hope to have the road open to thru traffic by the end of July. Keep in mind that the southbound lane will be temporary gravel while the other areas of the new piping are being installed.

Besides the area of Beatline Road from Johnson Road to Pineville Road, in what other areas of the city is work for the infrastructure now taking place? Is there anything drivers need to know about these parts of the project that will affect the commute in these areas?

Drivers of South of Plantation Drive (easement behind homes), Nicholson Avenue, Pineville Road and Menge Avenue need to plan for traffic delays during the entire construction effort in all areas. Please be patient and comply with road signs, detours and workers.

School reopens soon. Are there any areas of construction or work that parents need to be aware of on their daily commute to drop off and pick up their children the first month of school?

At this time, everyone is working toward having minimal to no impact on school areas for drop-off and pick-up.

Is there anything you’d like residents / businesses to know right now in regards to the project?

Please continue to be patient, cooperate with workers, and comply with road signs, detours, and workers. The top goal of all is everyone’s safety, so please have a high awareness of safety when entering construction areas.

Are there any contingency plans in place should a tropical disturbance or hurricane affect the City of Long Beach?

Yes. Hurricane contingency plans always are in place. As storms arise, the plan will be adjusted to account for the size and capacity of the storm.

Looking ahead from Levens:

On July 11, contractors began installing and performing the tie-in of the new HCUA sewer pipes along Pineville Road. The major parts of the project that are expected to be completed by the end of 2022 include Royal Drive to Nicholson, which are scheduled to be completed in the fall of 2022. Progress is coming along nicely, considering the magnitude of the project. There have been some delays, as with any construction project. The entire project replaces almost 23,000 feet of large sewer transmission lines that carry the entire City of Long Beach’s sewer. Most delays have been related to unforeseen underground conditions and the instability of nationwide manufacturing in 2021. The next area of work to take place is on Menge Avenue. Drivers need to plan for traffic delays during the entire construction effort in all areas.

Each month, the print edition of Long Beach Breeze will include questions about the city’s ongoing, multimillion dollar sewer improvement and infrastructure project.

Continuing the ongoing series and partnership between the Long Beach Breeze and the City of Long Beach, Long Beach Breeze reporter Toni Miles recently presented Long Beach Community Affairs Director Jenny Levens with some new questions from residents.

Readers’ questions are always welcome! To submit a question about the project, visit:

and fill out the question submission form.

Scan the QR code to submit your questions.

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