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Timeline for sewage infrastructure project extended

Has the project timeline been changed? What is the expected completion date as of now?

Yes, the project timeline has been increased. The projected end date for Phase 1 is January of 2023. Phase 1 includes South Forest to Menge. The projected end date for Phase 2 is the end of August of 2022. Phase 2 is the eastern portion of the project, from Forest Avenue to Nicholson. The two phases are being completed simultaneously.

A "Sewer Debt Residential" surcharge appears monthly on our utility bill. Will the HCUA project to upgrade the City's sewer lines affect, change or eliminate the surcharge?

The sewer debt surcharge has been in effect for over fifteen years, and the new projects will not affect the surcharge in any way, as this surcharge is the result of maintaining the Harrison County Wastewater treatment plant that processes our wastewater. There is currently no timeline on how long the surcharge will be in effect and no new increases or decreases to that charge in the near future that we are aware of.

Will the new subdivisions being built necessitate the sewer project's expansion in any way? How much did the project plan take into account additional rooftops being built in Long Beach?

The contractor on our current project doesn’t have any way of knowing what the County and design engineers accounted for during the design of the project in regards to future expansion. We [the City of Long Beach] will need to talk to Pickering [engineering firm for the project].

The Harrison County Utility Authority recently asked the aldermen for additional money due to unexpected expenses and an increase in material costs. Can you detail what the additional expenses are?

The majority of the additional expenses are due to mandatory design changes during construction. This is due to unforeseen utility conflicts.

Long Beach Community Affairs Director Jenny Levens
Long Beach Community Affairs Director Jenny Levens

Looking ahead from Levens:

“The projected end date for Phase 1 [South Forest to Menge] is January of 2023. The projected end date for Phase 2 [Forest Avenue to Nicholson] is the end of August of 2022.”

Each month, the print edition of Long Beach Breeze will include questions about the city’s ongoing, multimillion dollar sewer improvement and infrastructure project.

Continuing the ongoing series and partnership between the Long Beach Breeze and the City of Long Beach, Long Beach Breeze reporter Toni Miles recently presented Long Beach Community Affairs Director Jenny Levens with some new questions from residents.

This month’s highlights include an explanation of additional expenses for the project and reasons why the expected timeline for the project has had to be increased.

Readers’ questions are always welcome! To submit a question about the project, visit: and fill out the question submission form.

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