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Todd Ornstein, employee of Descher McDonalds is selected for Award

Todd Ornstein

Todd Ornstein was recently recognized for his achievements by the Mississippi Department of Mental Health.

Todd Ornstein has been employed with the McDonald’s Descher Organization in

Gulfport for almost twenty years. Todd’s manager is Kevin Boyes. Todd works the lunch rush, 10am-2pm, six days each week. He is responsible for cleaning the lobby, restrooms, and parking lot, and stocking the drink station.

Due to the pandemic, McDonald’s drive-through has become very busy, so Todd now runs take-out orders to cars. “I am excited to share my story, because I love my job, and I am proud that I have worked so long.”

Todd is described by his supervisor as being a hard worker, and his outgoing personality makes meeting new people and making friends easy for him. Recently Todd achieved one of his life’s goals of moving from a group home into his own apartment, allowing him even greater independence. Todd receives

supported employment, and job maintenance, through Disability Connection.

March was Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month (IDD/DD). In

Mississippi we are #CelebratingMississippians with IDD/DD and encourage the community to recognize their unique strengths and contributions #DDAwareness2021.

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