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W.J. Quarles (Greenvale) house restoration contract awarded

By Dom Fimiano

W.J. Quarles (Greenvale) house

The Long Beach Mayor and Board of Alderman recently awarded a renovation contract for the Quarles House to Albert & Robinson Architects, PLLC, located in Hattiesburg. The City of Long Beach received $2 million from the Gulf Coast Restoration Fund, with the assistance of Representative Richard Bennett. The Quarles House restoration will require the home to meet ADA access and fire code requirements.

The 127-year-old Greenvale House is easily the oldest building in the City of Long Beach. The Alexander family gifted the house to the City in 2020. Since 2012, the home has sat at the back of the property in the area south of the post office. Greenvale is considered one of the ten most endangered historic places in Mississippi since 2003.

Jim and Merinda Quarles built the Greenvale home in 1894 after moving to the Long Beach area in 1884 from Tennessee. Mr. Quarles was a farmer and teacher. The home was occupied by Jim Quarles until his death in 1924. The home has been vacant for approximately sixty years.

The planned use for the Quarles house after restoration is to provide a visitor welcome center and host community events. The building can also be used for educational opportunities and display artwork or historical artifacts of the city.

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