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Congressman Palazzo Provides Committee Work Update

Congressman Steven Palazzo

"During the House of Representatives Committee Work week, I was in D.C. to participate in-person as a member of the House Committee on Appropriations. Being a member of the Appropriations Committee was especially important this year as all members were given the opportunity to submit requests for funding on behalf of the communities they represent. This opportunity distinguished that members know the needs and priorities of their districts. The reformed process allowed a return of power to Congress to direct funding for local needs rather than leaving the distribution to President Biden’s executive branch. Potentially eligible projects ranged from infrastructure, community programs, university research, hospitals and other local initiatives. I reached out to Mayors, city leaders, hospitals, and universities across south Mississippi to inquire about their needs. With a quick turnaround deadline, my office received over forty requests for submission as community funded projects. You can read about the projects I submitted here. After working with the Committee, 9 projects from Mississippi’s 4th Congressional District were selected:

All of these projects will positively impact their city, county and surrounding areas. In some cases, these projects will positively impact the entire state and the Nation. During these markups, I spoke about border funding issues, standing with DHS law enforcement, fighting for pro-life protections, and voting to oppose the outrageous total spending levels and liberal propaganda policy provisions that are in the bills. You can find more on that here. Next year, I want to ensure communication with more local leaders and entities about the needs of their areas. If you would like to receive information regarding future appropriations opportunities, I urge you to enter your contact information here. If you are interested to see projects other Mississippi representatives submitted you can visit: Rep. Trent Kelly, Rep. Michael Guest, and Rep. Thompson’s websites. Any other members submissions can be found here." Final Thoughts "Please know my office remains ready to serve you and the families of Mississippi's Fourth Congressional District. Whether it's writing an email to share your thoughts with me or reaching out for help with a federal agency, we are here for you. Please do not hesitate to contact me if there is anything I can do to be of service to you." Congressman Steven Palazzo

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