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COVID-19 boosters available at county health departments

Appointments for a booster shot of the Pfizer vaccine are now available at all county health department clinics for those who qualify.

Appointments can be made through https://covidvaccine.umc.edu or by calling the COVID-19 hotline at 877-978-6453.

Booster shots help maintain immunity, which may decrease over time.

Individuals can get a booster shot of Pfizer vaccine if they are:

  • Fully vaccinated with two shots of Pfizer, AND

  • It’s been at least 6 months since their last shot of Pfizer.

AND if the individual falls into one of the following categories:

  • Adults aged 65 years and older, OR

  • Long-term care facility residents, OR

  • Adults aged 18 and older with certain underlying medical conditions (see https://msdh.ms.gov/boosters), OR

  • Adults aged 18 and older in certain occupations increase their risk of exposure (see https://msdh.ms.gov/boosters).

Third or additional shots of Pfizer and Moderna for people with weakened immune systems are also available at county health departments.

Please note: COVID-19 vaccines are available at numerous other providers statewide, including pharmacies and clinics. Visit https://www.vaccines.gov/search to find locations where the first and second COVID-19 shots as well as additional COVID-19 shots for weakened immune systems and boosters can be received.

MSDH also has first and second shots of the COVID-19 vaccine available at county health departments.

Individuals are reminded to bring their COVID-19 vaccine card to their appointment, if available if they have received prior shots of the COVID-19 vaccine.

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