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Gulfport Navy Base Makes Preparations for Hurricane Zeta

The Naval Construction Battalion Center (NCBC) in Gulfport, Mississippi, is currently assessing weather conditions and forecasts and making changes to operations due to the expected arrival of Hurricane Zeta.


Currently the base as attained Tropical Cyclone Condition of Readiness 2. As the storm

approaches, the expectation for NCBC is to go into Tropical Cyclone Condition of Readiness(TCCOR) 1, which will raise the base’s posture to mission essential personnel only. TCOR 1 is expected to be reached by NCBC at noon 28 Oct due to the storms predicted track and speed. Once TCCOR 1 is set, the Pass Road Gate entrance will be the only operational gate for the base during that condition of readiness.

Personnel who reside in flood-prone areas are encouraged to park vehicles in higher ground on the North East side of NCBC.

Base emergency management and leadership are currently working with Harrison Co. and Gulfport Municipal and emergency management entities to ensure the health and welfare of the installation personnel and families.

NCBC Public Works is rapidly securing all loose debris and doing inspections throughout base to identify and secure any flying hazards. Base residents can assist by securing all flying hazards.

All gate traffic is expected to cease once the sustained winds reach 50 knots.

Tropical Storm Zeta is currently projected to be a CAT 1 Hurricane when it arrives to the Gulf Coast, so extreme caution is advised due to high wind gusts, flooding and heavy rain.

“We are continuing to monitor the storm and pass along any info from the National Hurricane Center and the Navy Fleet Weather Center in Norfolk,” said Lew Fountain, NCBC Gulfport emergency manager. “We are currently reviewing our hurricane plans and are ready to react as required.”

NCBC Personnel are advised to stay tuned to local weather alerts through local media outlets and check for updates regarding the base on the Naval Construction Battalion Center Gulfport Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/NCBCGulfport) or the NCBC INFO LINE at 228-871-4777.

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