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Local youth spend summer mowing lawns for 50 Yard Challenge

By Lindy Sholes

50 Yard Challenge

Long Beach residents Aidan and Dante Walker spent their summer days mowing lawns, but not to earn money. The twin brothers are taking part in a challenge to give back to their community.

When their mother, Lauren Cunningham, saw a post online about the 50 Yard Challenge, she encouraged her sons to participate, and they were excited to do so. The national organization that hosts the challenge, Raising Men Lawn Care Service, sends participants t-shirts for mowing fifty lawns free for anyone in need of help, such as elderly, disabled, single parents or veterans. For every ten lawns cut, they get a new shirt. Aidan and Dante were two of fifty children participating from all over the country.

“I want my kids to learn godly characteristics and how to put them into action,” said Cunningham. “They’ve been talking about starting a lawn mowing business for a couple of years now. I thought this would be a perfect start to that, while also teaching them how to put those godly characteristics into action.”

The boys knew they could earn money for their future business by mowing lawns, but seeing the impact of mowing that first lawn sold them on the concept.

It is impossible for Long Beach resident Marie Fry to take care of her yard. She is widowed and fighting cancer; and, when her sister came across a post about the boys and their challenge, she was able to make arrangements for them to work on Fry’s yard.

“I was really impressed that kids that young were willing to do something like that,” she said. “They really worked hard. For as young as they are, they did a really good job.”

Both boys said that it feels good to know they are helping someone in need.

“Seeing how happy the people are and their faces after I am done cutting the lawn [is the best part],” Aidan said.

Cunningham said any Long Beach resident who qualifies for help can contact her through Facebook Messenger.

“If they are reading this and are not local, they can actually go to the website and let them know they are looking for someone to mow their lawn. Then, if there is a kid in their area, they’ll get them connected,” she said.

The organization’s website is www.WeAreRaisingMen.com.

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