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Pandemic Relief Funds are Available NOW for Older Foster Youth and Youth Formerly in Foster Care

MS Dept of Child Protective Services

Mississippi has received $3.3 million in additional federal funds to assist older foster youth.

Eligibility: All current & former foster youth aged 14 to 26, who have spent at least 1 day in foster care after their 14th birthday, MS Band of Choctaw Indians and Unaccompanied refugee Minor youth, current and former foster youth are also eligible. Youth who are no longer in care are eligible for assistance.

Money is available for education, transportation, technology, housing/rent, groceries, utility bills and other emergency assistance needs. The funds provide up to $4000 per youth for costs related to driving buying a car and getting a driver’s license. Education assistance funds available up to $12,000 a year for tuition, books, housing, etc.

Older youth who need additional support may also choose to re-enter foster care and remain up to age 27, if they so wish.

To apply online go to https://app.smartsheet.com/b/form/d02aa4f305ad4c3ebff65884455de4ba

Or call 769.823.4608 or 601.502.7429

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