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Three Companies Charged for over 836 Alleged No-Call Violations

Commissioner Brent Bailey announced today the Public Service Commission in cooperation with the Attorney General’s Office has charged three companies for alleged violations of the Mississippi No-Call law. The three companies charged for allegedly violating the Mississippi Telephone Solicitation Act, Miss. Code Ann. § 77-3-701, et seq. include CS Marketing, LLC, CMWEBIT, LLC and Turnkey Auto Group, Inc. An investigation by the Commission found these companies have allegedly been calling numerous consumers whose numbers are on the Mississippi Do Not Call Registry. The three companies represent 438 complaints, more than 836 violations and face $6.3 million in fines. The Office of the Attorney General sent the Notices of Alleged Violation on behalf of the Commission. “The Commission and the Attorney General’s Office will continue to take action against companies and telemarketers that ignore the Mississippi registry,” Commissioner Bailey said. “We appreciate the work of our Special Assistant Attorney General Megan Bennett on these cases. The Commission will continue to work to educate consumers about Mississippi’s NO CALL Program to make sure consumers have the correct information and tools needed to register and report illegal telemarketers.” From the start of 2020, additional cases have been filed against Manassah Jordan Ministries, who has also previously received citations from the Federal Communications Commission, Arrowbridge Holdings and Empire Consumer Services. Businesses and consumers may register for the No Call program via mail, using the Mississippi No Call App, calling the toll free number: 1-86NOCALLMS (1-866-622-5567) or by visiting the home page of the No Call program: Should you receive an illegal telemarketing or fraudulent scam call or text message, you can file a complaint via or by using the app.

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