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Bigfoot presenter draws crowds in Long Beach


Bigfoot is alive and well, or at least the legend of Bigfoot is, if the crowd that turned out for a recent presentation on the legendary beast in Long Beach is any indication.

The Long Beach Public Library recently hosted the Science Café, which featured Bigfoot researcher Mike Familant, who spoke with attendees at Long Beach City Hall on Monday, March 4, about his and his team's thirteen years of experiences researching and collecting evidence.  

Dozens of people showed up for the presentation, which included a table with various casts alleged to be of Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch, at various locations throughout the world.

The legend of Bigfoot stems from a 1958 news article that featured a letter from a reader about loggers in northern California who had discovered mysteriously large footprints. Since the article, Bigfoot “spottings” have been reported throughout the world, along with other alleged evidence of the elusive beast’s existence.

Familant is the full-time lead investigator and producer of the show, In the Shadow of Big Red Eye. More information about the team’s expeditions is available on his Facebook page, “In the Shadow of Big Red Eye,” and at ShadowOfRedEye.com.