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While watching tv the other night, a commercial came on that got my attention. Yeah, that’s right. Believe it or not, an ad that was worth watching. In a closeup of his face, the owner of a local business was speaking directly into the camera. And lo and behold, he was actually not pushing his product!

Instead, he was commenting about the escalating price of everything we buy. Then he made a statement that caught my attention. Without trying to quote him, here is the essence of what he said. “Everything is costing too dadgum much anymore. Food, housing, gasoline, cars. You name it - and chances are you probably can’t afford it. But there is something that you and I can give away, and it costs absolutely nothing. Kindness, try it. Cause we all need it.”

Try giving away a smile and an encouraging word to the tired grocery store worker next time you are buying eggs and milk that is costing you too much. Say a heartfelt “Thank you” to the air conditioner technician, who is working overtime to try to keep everyone cool this summer. Offer to laugh at yourself at work, instead of coating the whole area in criticism and negativity.

Be kind. It costs you nothing. In fact, you will harvest some benefits from it. Like the Bible says, you reap what you sow. True stuff. Any farmer will tell you that if you plant peas, don’t be looking to harvest spaghetti. Peas planted and watered are going to give you more of exactly what you put into the ground. More peas.

So don’t be spreading grouchiness and complaining, and then pray for crop failure. You lay a round of cursing and yelling on the mechanic that is supposed to be fixing your vehicle by tomorrow – you probably shouldn’t expect him to work hard to get your truck back to you ASAP. In fact, you just may get a text from him, “Parts not available for two weeks.” Sorry, dude, but you brought it on yourself. Might try a little kindness and friendliness next go-round. Pea pods don’t sprout spaghetti.

So, will being Little Miss Sunshine bring only roses and perfection into your life? You know better. Life is hard – the pits at times. And you are increasing the chances that it will be that way, when you are being disagreeable and grumpy to everyone around you day after day. Because life has a way of giving back to you exactly what you give out.

Try this. Deliberately try making life a little easier for those who are forced to be around you. It costs you nothing, and in time (when the shock wears off) they will be probably start treating you with a lot more kindness and consideration.

Remember, peas planted make a bunch of peas…and only peas.


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