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They seem to be everywhere in any town you drive through. Signs promoting the services of a local ‘TAROT CARD READER,’ ‘FORTUNE TELLER,’ and ‘PALM READER’ seem to be on every block. Look online and there are also the online psychics - the “Call me, and I’ll tell you your future” people. And don’t forget, most newspapers run daily horoscopes that are available to the ‘seekers.’ Evidently the practice of predicting the future has proved to be a lucrative business in our country. But why trust a person to predict your future, when they have to ask you your name? Shouldn’t a psychic already know it?

What in the world is going on? Is there such a driving need in folks for inept and inaccurate predictions? Do they really have a burning desire to hand their money over to a person who claims to be able to see into their future and tell them what will happen? Don’t people already have enough bills to pay and money pits in their life that are sucking their cash into a black hole, never to be seen again? Are people simply so nervous and stressed out over what is coming down the pike that they are willing to grasp at those kinds of weak and illogical straws?

People, I promise you on the authority of the Written Word of your Creator; There is a much more effective way of finding out what is coming in the future. You just have to be willing to read about it in Scripture.

God says in the Bible that He has known for all of eternity what your life and mine is all about. The Almighty Creator has all life in the palm of His hand. And He clearly stated in Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” That is His plan. But you certainly can derail, delay, and thwart His original plan for you, if you deliberately set your mind to the self-destruction that comes along with turning a blind eye to His will. It is up to you.

You can choose to trust Him, even though you can’t see Him – kinda like the electricity for your house. Or, you can decide to find a self-professed reader-of-the-future to conjure up what they think might happen in your life. Or there is always the third option. You can get resentful and prideful, and choose to take matters into your own hands. Deciding that trust is for the birds, and begin creating your own future without any consideration as to what your Creator has in mind.

But let me know how that works for you. Because in all my years of living on planet Earth, I have yet to see those two last options, that include ignoring the Creator, work out well in the end.

But it really is your choice.