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Fast Pace Health Launches Telehealth Program


FRANKLIN, TN (April 6, 2020) – For Mississippi residents who have put off taking care of routine healthcare needs for fear of exposure to COVID-19, an innovative new initiative launched by one of the nation’s largest urgent care providers may provide a solution.

Fast Pace Health, which operates 25 clinics in Mississippi, launched Fast Pace Telehealth today (Monday, April 6). This program allows new and established patients to get care for a number of common ailments from the safety and comfort of their own home. Patients can also get prescriptions for a number of routine medications through the telehealth program. 

For those who want to see a provider in person, Fast Pace Health clinics remain open, said Fast Pace CEO Greg Steil. But for patients who want care delivered directly to their home, they can simply visit the company’s website at www.fastpacehealth.com, click on the Telehealth link, and follow instructions to register for a virtual visit. The visits are made possible through an application that patients download to their smartphone or tablet. Through the app, patients and Fast Pace providers are able to see and speak with each other in real time.

Fast Pace Telehealth has been up and running in clinics throughout Kentucky and Tennessee over the past several days and has seen a steady increase in use, said Steil. 

“Our clinics are still open every day to take care of people in our communities and we have changed registration processes so that patients are able to follow social distancing guidelines,” said Steil. “But there are those who aren’t getting the care they need because they don’t want to risk exposure, or they just prefer the convenience of a virtual visit in their home. For those patients, telehealth is an ideal solution that’s safe, secure and convenient.”

Common ailments that can be diagnosed and treated through the service include cold and flu like symptoms, seasonal allergies, stomach viruses, rashes and skin conditions, pinkeye, urinary tract infections, yeast infections, fever blisters, minor boils, abscesses and cellulitis (bacterial skin infection). 

The number of insurance companies who cover telehealth services is expanding rapidly in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The government in March announced expanded Medicare telehealth coverage that will enable beneficiaries to receive a wider range of healthcare services from their healthcare providers without having to travel to a healthcare facility. 

“Fast Pace opened its first clinic more than 10 years ago with the mission of providing accessible healthcare to rural areas,” added Steil. “We have locations throughout Mississippi and hire providers from those communities to serve their communities. It’s more than just healthcare in the home: Our providers are able to partner together to provide the personal care our patients have come to rely upon when they visit Fast Pace.”

Fast Pace patients who are concerned they may have a COVID-19 (coronavirus) infection should call their nearest Fast Pace clinic for additional advice, and follow CDC guidance. Anyone experiencing a medical emergency should dial 911. 


About Fast Pace

Fast Pace Health’s “patient first” mentality has guided its mission to provide convenient and compassionate care to the communities it serves every day. Fast Pace Health clinics provide treatments for a wide range of illnesses, injuries, and common conditions and provide a variety of wellness, primary care, behavioral health, orthopedic, diagnostic and screening services.

Since 2009, Fast Pace Health has grown from one clinic in Collinwood, Tennessee, to 113 clinics throughout Tennessee, Kentucky, Mississippi and Louisiana.