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Harrison County reminds of recycling guidelines


The Harrison County Utility Authority wants to remind residents what can and cannot go in the recycling cart.

Aluminum cans, plastic products (rated #1 to #3 – bottles, jugs, etc.), clean pizza boxes, garden plastics, flattened cardboard boxes, empty containers, glass and paper products such as newspapers, magazines, phone books, and similar items can be recycled.

Plastic bags, foam or Styrofoam containers, wire hangers, windows, mirrors, ceramic or Pyrex dishes, organic or food waste, electronics, paint, pesticides, cleaners, waxed cardboard, needles or syringes, scrap metal and hazardous waste cannot be included in the recycling carts.

Residents can also reference the graphic on top of their recycling carts at any time on what can and cannot be recycled.


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