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Plans for new Fire Station Number 3 underway, as demolition continues


Demolition of Fire Station Number 3, located on Johnson Road in Long Beach, is now underway, as plans for a new and improved building are in the works.

Local leaders, including Long Beach Fire Chief Griff Skellie, have been meeting with several engineering firms in regards to the new fire station, which will replace the old, mold-ridden one being demolished on Johnson Road.

While there’s no official rendering yet showing what the new building will look like, Chief Skellie says work is well underway on the planning and design of the new facility.

The project is a coordinated effort between Harrison County and the Long Beach Fire Department, and, once complete, Chief Skellie says the new facility will be better manned and enable the area to keep its current fire rating - and could possibly help improve its current fire rating - which could drive down the overall cost of fire insurance coverage.

“Once complete, the City of Long Beach would have three full-time firefighters providing protection in the west side of the Industrial Park,” Chief Skellie says.

There’s no official word yet on when the new Fire Station Number 3 is scheduled to be complete or an exact project price, since the planning stage is still in the works.