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The Spaceport Company Docks Operations at Port Bienville


The Spaceport Company has recently established its operations at Port Bienville. The company specializes in producing vessels designed to launch rockets from the sea. Among these vessels is the "Once in a Lifetime," which began operations at Port Bienville in early May, marking a significant milestone in the company's expansion and technological advancements in the space industry.

"The Spaceport Company is excited and grateful to establish Port Bienville as our homeport. We look forward to many more launches in the coming years from the Gulf.", said Tom Marotta, CEO of The Spaceport Company.

In response to high demand, the Spaceport Company is actively developing vessels that can serve as both launch and reentry sites. The placement of the "Once in a Lifetime" at their new homeport, Port Bienville, is a testament to the company's commitment to meeting market needs and its potential for further growth. 

“We would like to officially welcome Spaceport’s vessel “Once In a Lifetime” to Port Bienville. We are excited to provide a safe harbor for Spaceport’s launch platform and look forward to fully supporting their current and future programs. We are excited about the opportunities for Spaceport within the fast-developing rocket launch and space operations industries and hope to provide not only a first-class porting facility for them but also be a part of facility and operations development at Port Bienville in Hancock County”, remarked Geoffrey Clemens, Hancock County Port and Harbor Commission Deputy Director.

The Spaceport Company recently signed a contract with the U.S. Department of Defense to demonstrate new sea-based space launch infrastructure. This contract will enable the company to establish the capability to deliver payloads to custom orbits and to test the autonomous capabilities of the sea launch vessel.

Hancock County Port and Harbor Commission is excited to share news of Port Bienville's latest tenant and hopes to continue to see growth at both Port Bienville and Hancock County.